In the month of December, everyone in Alta Badia has only one topic of conversation, the Alpine Ski World Cup. And this year there is one further highlight - you will have the opportunity of enjoying this mega event from the comfort of our new AUDI ALTA BADIA Lounge, which will be festooned with typical Alpine Christmas decorations. You will be bang in the middle of everything that is happening, with the best view of the last lap of the Gran Risa, and you will experience live a new world premiere in the history of Winter Sports: the qualifying races for the parallel slalom. From the terrace, you can encourage your very own favourite, first during the qualifications for the parallel night-time Giant Slalom, and then later on feel the tension during the Grand Finale. Who is going to be the “King of the Gran Risa” in 2019?
You will have an equally excellent view on Sunday when, in the interval between the two Giant Slalom races, the famous “Frecce Tricolori” acrobatic team of the Italian Air Force will showcase their beautiful display in the sky. E domenica, nell’intervallo tra le due manche dello slalom gigante, sarai tra i primi a scorgere l’arrivo delle Frecce Tricolori che sorvolano il parterre.

The interior design and the fittings and furnishings of this Modern Lounge reflect the values of our region and the participating partners AUDI, Forst, Oakley and Movimënt: the latest technology combined with local quality, and this is a measure of the deep attachment we all feel to our homeland.

In this contemporary atmosphere, you will be able to enjoy traditional dishes at various buffets, and toast one another with refreshing drinks, prepared from the delicious and world famous Forst beer. A variety of local musicians ensure you will not go without congenial entertainment on either day. The open spaces of the new AUDI ALTA BADIA Lounge are equally suited to business meetings - make the most of this opportunity!.

The AUDI ALTA BADIA Lounge will be open on Sunday during the Giant Slalom from 9:00 to 14:00 hours. On Monday, you can visit the Lounge from 15:00 hours until the Finale which will be held from 18:15 to 19:30.