Unprecedented situations require extraordinary solutions and a lot of teamwork.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is forcing the Organising Committee to organize anew the set-up of the areas open to the public and of the hospitality areas, in order to ensure that the event takes place in full compliance with the anti-Covid regulations. To us, the health of our guests, athletes, employees and residents always comes first.

All this would not have been possible without the exceptional support, the effort and contribution of our partners/sponsors, who have once again shown optimistic vision, great cohesion and passion for the Ski World Cup and our territory.

As we are united in a co-partnership, our sponsors are supporting us to adapt and rethink the set-up of the event, including the hospitality areas. These areas, in particular, will be downsized and managed as autonomous platforms by the partners themselves, without offering access to the public. Nevertheless, all ski enthusiasts will still be able to watch the races live from other locations.